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Two Travel The World - Ben and Cath
21 Jul

The van has arrived...

...with Ben, Cath and Choupinette... Our days in London are counting down..

Two Travel The World - Open Water Referral
16 Jul

Open Water Referral

Just completed our Open Water Referral at the London School of Diving. We are getting ready for diving in Thailand, India, Indonesia, Mexico...

Two Travel The World - Packing
15 Jul


And the packing slowly begins

Osprey Backpacks unpacking
28 Jun

Osprey Backpacks

Our two Osprey Backpacks - OSPREY Aura AG 65 and Atmos AG 65 - have arrived! Now we just need to fill them up! Easy!

27 Jun


Today, we are selling our stuff - table, bed, sofa, sideboard - everything must go!