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Two Travel The World - Back to Yangon
24 Nov

Back to Yangon

We took a VIP bus to Yangon, the former capital.

Two Travel The World - Hpa-An and the surrounding countryside
23 Nov

Hpa-An and the surrounding countryside

We hired a motorbike to start early the exploration of Hpa An and the surrounding countryside.

Two Travel The World - Hpa An - Night Market
22 Nov

Heading to Hpa-An

A 6-hours ride from Yangon to Hpa-An... fun, right?

Two Travel The World -  Yangon and the Shwegadon Pagoda
21 Nov

Yangon and the Shwegadon Pagoda

We woke up in Yangon, the economic and cultural centre of the country of Myanmar.

Two Travel The World - Nyaung Shwe to Yangon
20 Nov

Nyaung Shwe to Yangon

We were already leaving Nyaung Shwe for Yangon.

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