Our Diaries

Two Travel The World - Our Alappuzha eco friendly houseboat
12 Oct

Our Alappuzha eco friendly houseboat

We spent the day and night in a kettuvallam...

Two Travel The World - Alappuzha and Marari Beach
11 Oct

Alappuzha and Marari Beach

Two Travel The World - Heading for Alappuzha
10 Oct

Heading for Alappuzha

One local bus, two flights and one taxi to Alappuzha or Alleppey... Then sleeping time...

Two Travel The World - Back to Goa
09 Oct

Back to Goa

We spent 9 hours in our open cabin sharing the 4 berths with a polish couple.

Two Travel The World - Anjaneya Hill
08 Oct

Anjaneya Hill

We climbed up the 575 white steps zigzagging to the top of Anjaneya hill.

Two Travel The World - Hampi temples
07 Oct

Hampi temples

We rented a scooter to explore, at our own pace, the surroundings and the many temples scattered about Hampi.

Two Travel The World - Leaving Goa for Hampi
06 Oct

Leaving Goa for Hampi

We packed our bags and set out towards Hampi located on the ruins of the capital of the former Vijayanagara Empire.

Two Travel The World - Moving to the north of Goa
05 Oct

Heading to North Goa

We left, not without regrets, the Jojolapa Agonda resort in Goa.

Two Travel The World - Palolem Beach
04 Oct

Palolem Beach

We explored Palolem Beach by scooter.

Two Travel The World - Agonda Beach
03 Oct

Agonda Beach

We spent the day relaxing and bathing at the Agonda Beach.

Two Travel The World - The Delhi Red Fort
26 Sep

The Delhi Red Fort

The Red Fort is one of Delhi top tourist sights. We decided to explore The Red Fort - a World Heritage Site.

Two Travel The World - Hong-Kong to Delhi
25 Sep

Hong-Kong to Delhi

Long day of transport from Hong-Kong to Delhi...

Two Travel The World - Tian Tan Big Buddha & Po Lin Monastery
24 Sep

Tian Tan Big Buddha

The Tian Tan Buddha is the second-largest outdoor sitting Buddha in the world!

Two Travel The World - Hong Kong Victoria Peak
23 Sep

Hong Kong Victoria Peak

We headed to the Victoria Peak for a strenuous journey...


Two Travel The World - We set out to Hong Kong
22 Sep

We set out to Hong Kong

After a filling breakfast, we were ready for a 6-hours journey to Hong Kong.

Two Travel The World - Back to Guilin
21 Sep

Back to Guilin

Back to Guiling and relaxing by the hot tub! That's a program we like!

Two Travel The World - Longji Rice Terraces
20 Sep

Longji Rice Terraces

We explored the mesmerising Longji Rice Terraces in the Longsheng County.

Two Travel The World - Kunming to Guilin
19 Sep

Kunming to Guilin

We are leaving Kunming for Guiling...

Two Travel The World - Shopping
18 Sep


Shopping and administrative work were on today's plan.

    Two Travel The World - Lijiang Old Town
    17 Sep

    Wagulu temple

    After we slept late, we were back in the old town navigating through the canals, bridges and wooden shop-houses of Lijiang.