Our Diaries

Two Travel The World - Chinese Visa
01 Aug

Chinese Visa

Today we applied for a Chinese visa... The staff check out application and supporting documents thoroughly but we manage to submit it after a last-minute printed out of our Eurostar tickets at 1 pounds the copy ;-)

Two Travel The World - Ben & Cath
30 Jul

Valencia Second day

We had such a great time in Valencia with our friends Ben and Cath... So bad it's out last day already...

Two Travel The World - City of Arts and Sciences
29 Jul

City of Arts and Sciences

Really impressed by those colossal structures. A great place for a stroll in Valencia covering around two kilometres of the former riverbed of the River Turia.

Two Travel The World - Checkout
27 Jul

Checkout Done

It's now time to leave our London's flat. Let's the adventure begins.

Two Travel The World - Ben and Cath
21 Jul

The van has arrived...

...with Ben, Cath and Choupinette... Our days in London are counting down..

Two Travel The World - Open Water Referral
16 Jul

PADI Open Water Referral

We just get our PADI Open Water Referral in London. Now we are ready to dive in Thailand, India, Indonesia or Mexico...

Two Travel The World - Packing
15 Jul


And the packing slowly begins

Osprey Backpacks unpacking
28 Jun

sacs à dos Osprey

Our backpacks haved arrived - OSPREY Aura AG 65 and Atmos AG 65! Now, we just need to fill them up! Easy. 

27 Jun


Today, we are selling our stuff - table, bed, sofa, sideboard - everything must go!

Regend's Canal
25 Jun

Regend's Canal

Petite balade le long du Regent’s Canal à Londres. L'une de nos meilleures trouvailles à Londres - un endroit relaxant apprécié par les marcheurs du dimanche, les cyclistes et évidemment les bateliers.