Best Killer Tricks To Keep Mosquitoes Away

Malaria, yellow fever or dengue fever are so many diseases brought by mosquitoes. Even though you should be safe in most cities, you will sooner or later encounter one of the 3500 species of mosquitoes. Did you know that only the female mosquito bites as she needs blood to make her eggs fertile? Mosquito-borne infections are rarely a serious problem but they can certainly ruin your trip. We have listed the best mosquito killer tricks to keep those bloodsuckers at bay.

  • Cover your arms and legs as much as possible. Make sense, right?
  • Avoid scented soaps, shampoos or antiperspirant products as these may also attract the insects. Don't stop showering though. Quite the contrary as scents - we mean your body odour - is one of the primary indicators mosquitoes use to identify their preys - we mean you. So adopting fragrance-free cosmetic will save you from a few bug bites.
  • Wearing light-coloured clothing could cut down unwanted bug bites. Opinions are divided when it comes to colour and whether it might impact the number of mosquitoes, which will place you on their menu. But if I have to pick between a dark and a light-coloured t-shirt, guess which one will end up in my backpack!
  • Wear loose-fitting clothing so the mosquitoes cannot bite through the material to you.
  • DEET-based repellents are the most common, the most effective, and is readily available from drugstores and shops around the world. DEET-based products are effective at concentrations of 10% and up but plateaus at around 50%. Some people might be allergic or ultra-sensible to its smell. Yes, it smells! So before you leave for your trip, try the product for a few days even if you are not surrendered by mosquitoes where you live. If you can not cope with DEET, you might prefer another repellent containing Picaridin. Unfortunately, it is not widely available. Plant-based repellents are generally less effective so we don't easily trust them.
  • Permethrin is an insecticide not suitable for your skin but will be perfect for treating your clothes, sleeping bags, mosquito nets, etc... Permethrin does not damage your fabrics and has the advantage to be odourless when it dries.
  • At night, make sure doors and windows are closed or use a mosquito net. A mosquito killer is extremely effective, but buy a battery powered insect killer, so that it can be used anytime and everywhere.
  • Avoid staying next to standing water as it's a breeding ground for insects. Sleeping by a lake might seem romantic but the romance could turn into a nightmare.
  • Avoid going out between sunset and sunrise which is almost impossible to respect.
  • Wind and mosquitoes are not compatible. A brisk breeze will keep the mosquitoes at bay.

Mosquitoes are nasty insects which carry parasites and some pathogens. Therefore, avoiding bites altogether is always the first line of defence. Following those simple tricks will cut down your bug bites and the persistent and annoying itches. Have you got any home remedies for mosquitoes to share?

Best Ways To Stop Mosquitoes From Feasting On You

Best Killer Tricks To Keep Mosquitoes Away
Best Killer Tricks To Keep Mosquitoes Away
Best Killer Tricks To Keep Mosquitoes Away